The Perfect
Bra Fit Guide

A great fitting bra guarantees you the best support. It streamlines your silhouette and can make you appear up to two dress sizes smaller. And what's more, you'll look and feel your sexiest!

Find your sexiest Fit

At Ann Summers, we know that a great fitting bra makes you look and feel great. That's why you won't find us using a tape measure, as we know that measuring is not the key to finding the perfect fit. So check out our definitive step-by-step fitting guide and find your sexiest fit today.

What are you waiting for? Grab a mirror and let's begin:

Step 1

The Band

Make sure the band sits firmly and straight around your body, from front to back.

You should be able to run two fingers around the back of the band and feel the resistance of it.

If you can fit more than two fingers under the band or the band is rising, try a back size down.

Step 2

The Straps

The straps should rest comfortably across the shoulders and not dig in or slide off.

Check they are equal on both sides and adjust until you feel supported, lifted and confident with how they sit.

Step 3


Look at the centre-front of the bra, between the cups.

This should lay comfortably flat against the body without digging into your skin.

Step 4


The underwire of the cup should follow the natural line of the breast root.

Step 5

The Cups

Finally look at the cups. Ensure you sit comfortably inside them and are not spilling over the top.

No-one wants to look lumpy, and if that's the case try a larger cup size. Similarly, if the cups are gaping, go down a size.