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These high quality silicone anal beads are suitable for every level of anal play from beginner to expert. Firm but flexible, these 6-inch long beads are designed from small to large to deliver intense anal satisfaction. The tapered tip makes for comfortable, easy insertion while the ring handle gives you full control. For unforgettable orgasms, pull out the beads at the point of climax. 


6" Long Silicone Beads

Tapered Tip

Non vibrating

Use with Ann Summers lube

Clean before and after use with Buzz Fresh wipes

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    Clean and comfortable is the order of the day for anal play. This efficient anal douche is easy to use and clean, making it an absolute essential for fans of anal.


    1. Clean your douche before using
    2. Lubricate the area for additional comfort
    3.  Insert the stem and squeeze the bulb to release the water . Gently remove and hold the water until you're ready to expel
    4.  Repeat until the water runs clear



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